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Brief Introduction to FPEAIE
        Fujian Provincial Education Association for International Exchange (FPEAIE), affiliated to the Education Department of Fujian Province, is Fujian’s provincial non-governmental organization conducting international educational exchanges. It was founded in January 1989 with the approval of the Information Department of Fujian Province and the Fujian Provincial Structural Reform Committee. The original name of the Association was China Education Association for International Exchange, Fujian Branch. In May 1991, it was registered with the Department of Civil Affairs of Fujian Province. It is a member of China Education Association for International Exchange.
        FPEAIE has full commitment to meeting the needs of China’s modernization construction, developing exchanges and cooperation between the Fujian educational community and other parts of the world, promoting the advancement of education, culture, science and technology, and strengthening the understanding and friendship among the peoples of all countries and regions of the world.
        As its basic missions, FPEAIE extensively conducts exchange and cooperation by working together with educational and research institutions, academic bodies, exchange organizations, schools as well as organizations, enterprises, foundations and individuals in other countries and regions who are enthusiastic for supporting educational development on the basis of equality and friendship.
        FPEAIE’s sources of fund come from membership fees, corporate and individual donations from home and abroad, government’s appropriations, various services it offers, and other revenues.
        The highest governing body of FPEAIE is the Council. The Council members are recommended by educational departments at the provincial and prefectural levels, institutions of various kinds and individuals in the business and financial circles who are enthusiastic for supporting international educational exchange. The term of their service is five years. The Council conferences are convened once every two or three years.
        The FPEAIE Council sets up its Standing Council. When the Council is not in session, the Standing Council assumes its responsibilities of the Council.
        The executive body of FPEAIE is the Secretariat that undertakes its day-to-day operations.
      The main responsibilities of FPEAIE are as follows:
      *Implementing the governmental education exchange and other cooperative projects;
      *Organizing international education exhibitions and symposiums;
      *Organizing international contests on different subjects and educational workshops on various profiles;
      *Generating funds from both domestic and overseas sources to support education in Fujian Province;
      *Receiving international education delegations of administrators, teachers, scholars, students and individual visitors;’
      *Organizing overseas visits and training programmes for educational staff and teachers;
      *Providing scholarships for educational exchange;
      *Organizing summer/winter camps and long/short term cultural exchange programmes for high school students;
      *Recruiting long/short term foreign experts and teachers for local schools and institutions at different levels;
      *Providing consulting services for different educational cooperation projects;
      *Providing language training (English, Japanese and Chinese) and Chinese cultural programmes for both Chinese and overseas participants.